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Salle Sign

Salle Moor Farm near Reepham is home to three artisan businesses including a jam maker and heritage craftsman who are based in the farm's original red brick barns which have been expertly renovated. They are joined by Simon Barker who runs the All Day Brewing Company, another new business designed to promote great Norfolk produce.

Simon, who was a consultant psychiatrist in Norfolk for more than 30 years, is delighted with his new venture, especially its location. 'I was a very keen home brewer for many, many years but having a spot at Salle is perfect. It is a lovely place and gives me plenty of space. There is a great atmosphere and we all get on very well.'

He now has a fully equipped brewery where he currently produces two beers, Summer Haze, a raspberry wheat beer, and Salle Ale, a traditional English bitter produced with fuggles and golden hops. He is busy developing various beers, saying: 'I usually have a couple on the go at any one time and I like to experiment, to tweak the beers and try out different ingredients. And yes, it is about as far away from mass produced beer as you could imagine.'

Provenance is important to Simon and he uses barley grown in fields surrounding the farm, adding: 'The National Yeast Collection is based in Norwich and we have our own borehole for water here at Salle, too, so we can be very self-sufficient.'

He also wants to grow his own hops and reports that he has recently been ploughing around a quarter of an acre of land at the farm in preparation. 'I have someone coming from Herefordshire to help me plant them - it is quite an intricate process. I think we will have the only hop yard in the area.'

Simon is also growing herbs in poly tunnels at the farm which he plans to use in his beers. 'I am growing ginger and coriander at the moment,' he says.

He has acquired a licence to sell beer from the site, saying: 'There is a footpath that runs through the farm and links to the Marriott's Way so I'm hoping, at some point, to sell my beer to very thirsty walkers! I can sell to pubs, too, so it is all taking shape but I am not in any rush.'

He is also planning to take a couple of casks to the highly popular Norwich Beer Festival, which runs at St Andrew's and Blackfriars' Halls from October 27 to November 1, so make time to check out his beer!

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