Pedal Power

Pedal Power

One of Targetfollow's sister companies, Sekura-Byk Ltd, is urging us all to get on our bikes!

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The health benefits of cycling are well known to us all but the practicalities of where to keep your bike safe whilst at work, out shopping or enjoying a meal in a restaurant can be hard to overcome.

Now Sekura-Byk Ltd is determined to make the whole process that much easier and more appealing. The Norwich-based company was formed in 1995 and has, since 2001, had Shireen Naghshineh as director. She explains that providing cyclists with well-lit, secure parking areas protected from the elements is a central plank of the company's business plan.

The company manufactures cycle parking systems, including cycle and motorcycle locks which use smart card-operated security systems - known as PLS - instead of traditional locks and chains.

It also manages and maintains cycle parking facilities. The highest profile of these is Transport for London's award-winning cycle park at Finsbury Park which has 125 places. 'And,' says Ms Naghshineh, 'we have also opened one at Russell Square which has 42 spaces.'

Now the company, which is based in Cathedral Close, Norwich, is developing the next generation of technology which will make life even easier for cyclists. 'Technology develops all the time, we need to keep up-to-date. The new software, which should be ready next March or April, will be web-based and will work with SMS, online and Smart phones - a little like an Oyster card,' says Ms Naghshineh.

She remains passionate about the future of cycling and would like to see not only more cycle parks but an increased use of rental bike schemes and bike share projects. 'We need to get organisations to work together, to get councils, the university, colleges and even the Park and Ride operators to encourage more of us to use pedal power!'

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