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Young Photographers Exhibit At Norwich Theatre Royal

A team of Norfolk photography students are getting the chance to showcase their work at Norwich Theatre Royal.

The venue's gallery space around the Adnams Bar is used for displays of paintings and art pieces created by members of East Anglia's creative community supported by Targetfollow.

Girl on a stool coated in white paint (Hellesden A-Level Photogrpaphy students, 2015) Girl in Gold Leaf (Hellesden A-level Photography group 2015)
But now sixth formers from Hellesdon High School are set to take centre-stage with some of their best photographic work this autumn.

The Year 12 and 13 students have been studying for their A Level in Photography have put some of their coursework on display. The exhibition ran from 29 September until 15 October.

The students were each encouraged to develop their own themes so they could explore areas which were of interest to them. The exhibits boast a wide variety of ideas and subjects ranging from the morals behind popular fairy tales to the portrayal of women in The Bible.

Robert West, the school's photography teacher, said: "The students have already exhibited their work at the school but it will be a great honour for them to display it at Norwich Theatre Royal where it will be seen by a far greater audience.

"I am exceptionally proud of the work being displayed in the exhibition. The variety of work and the level of photographic skill on show is testament to the hard work demonstrated by all of the students involved."

Read more about the students' work on the Hellesden High School Photography site.

5th October 2015