Local Government

Council logosTargetfollow has a long and proud history of working with Local Authorities across the country whether this be in obtaining planning consents for new developments or supporting them with community activities.

We aim to build strong relationships with all Local Authorities in the areas where we have property interests in order to maximise the value of the asset to all stakeholders, now and in the future.

This approach has proven successful not only in relation to the positioning of properties within cities and protecting their longevity of use and value, but in adding value to investments by securing planning consent for a number of significant developments and extensions to existing assets.

Significant properties which demonstrate our approach include:

  • Baskerville House, Birmingham
  • 70 St Mary's Axe the "Can of Ham"
  • Duke's Wharf, Norwich
  • Grand Central, Stockport
  • Harford Place, Norwich