Growth for Norwich Car Park Firm

RCP Shapoor

RCP Parking, run by Shapoor Naghshineh, brother of Targetfollow executive chairman Ardeshir, has come a long way and embraced many changes in its 20-year history.

The company, now one of the country's largest car park operators, started out with one car park in Norwich and now manages, own or leases more than 100 car parks across the country including London, the Midlands, East Anglia, the North-West, Cornwall and Scotland.

Sites range from shopping centres, leisure complexes and railway stations to offices, development sites and schools.

Mr Naghshineh says: 'We are quietly getting on with it, we have reached about saturation point in Norwich but nationally, we are always looking for more. We have new sites in the north, in Manchester, for example, and my daughter, Sarah, looks after our sites in the south, in London, Brighton and so on.'

RCP Parking employs about 50 members of staff and prides itself on its friendly and efficient service, always looking to improve its facilities and customer care.

'Online payment is one of the biggest changes we have seen and we are looking to use Droplet, a new phone app that allows customers to pay for car parking charges using their mobile.

'It has been developed by Steffan Aquarone, a former Norwich School student, and is already being used by one taxi firm in Norwich and by traders in The Lanes area of the city. We would hope to use it nationwide.'

Droplet (

Mr Naghshineh said he was also looking to provide take-away food retailers space at his car parks, explaining: 'So people can return to their cars and enjoy a freshly made pizza or chicken.'

He also revealed that a leading supermarket chain is keen to use the car parks as a place to deliver online shopping orders. It is a more flexible solution to the traditional home delivery model and is increasingly popular as people juggle busy lives.

The company has also just moved into The Close, a beautiful part of Norwich around the cathedral. 'We were waiting for the right premises, and it is a lovely environment,' said Mr Naghshineh.